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Shared Risk

Can you afford to take the risk of hiring the wrong agent?  Even when they do a bad job they still get paid! Is that right? We put our money where our mouth is.

Anthony Nitz and his team are so confident that they can sell your house Fast while getting top dollar that if they can't,  they'll sell it for free.  That's right you don't have to pay Anthony.

Why 60 Days?

Depending on your specific location,  homes currently sit on the market for much longer than 60 days.  Our proven system will identify within that 60 day period all of the active and interested buyers for your house.  Ask someone who's been on the market for 10 months how much fun they're having or if that's what they expected when they listed their home.  Yet it happens every single day.

60 Days is the perfect amount of time to get your property listed,  promoted and sold.

I see ads promising I'll have an offer in 2-3 days

You know what they say… If it's too good to be true,  it usually is.  Two scenarios usually fill this space

  1. An investor makes you a low ball offer that is often times insulting and downright shocking.  Usually they are no where near market value but now they harass you continuously until you let them steal your house and equity for their profit or they find a better opportunity somewhere else.  These people pray on desperation and fear.

  2. An agent promises that if you list with them they will get you an offer in just a few days. Usually that offer comes from the investor mentioned above and your insulted and shocked. Usually these offers get rejected because of their ridiculous terms. But now you have a listing with a deceptive agent.  They used the "offer in days" message as bait to get you to list and now you're stuck in a listing.

Here's the benefits:

  • You're guaranteed a Quick Sale at a Price You Agree On.
  • You don't have to worry about whether you hired the right agent or not because he's sharing the risk with you.
  • Anthony has over 20 years of real estate experience and knows how to sell homes.
  • Our nationwide network of only the top agents gets your home sold regardless of location.

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